Cruise details


The 2020 sail plan would have been...

This year we decided to keep it simple and let you guys decide where you wanted to explore, along the beautiful Santa Rosa Sound. 
Friday evening June the 5th after the meal provided by the Pensacola shipyard, at no cost to you pirates other than a nice donation of some of your booty to the united way. There will be the gathering of pirate captains to go over the trip plans after we feast. After our bellys are full, its down to the boats to show the other pirates just how good of a boat drink you can make. This contest has been very challanging in the past, so bring your best!
Saturday morning June the 6th, we will depart from the Pensacola Shipyard on Island time and sail 11.5 +/-knt. miles south/southwest to Sailboat cove, where this will act as our Anchorage for the entire trip. You can set up camp on the beach and enjoy exploring the gulf beaches and take in some beach games and an evening beach fire as well as some great swimming and socializing.

Now this is where your choice to be an adventures pirate comes into play. Who knows, maybe you can round up crew from some of the local pirate ships, are offer to crew on another pirate ship for a adventure you will never forget. Here are a few options to choose from.

Option one: For a great Chreesburger with a view there is Sunset Grill just past the Perdiod Beach bridge located on your portside. Here, there is fuel/ice and beer as well to sooth your rowdy crew. This is an easy sail at 7.5 knt. miles West.

Option two: For the pirates looking for a little night life and an area to pillage and plunder, there is a secret cove known as Little Sabine Bay an easy sail east from our pirate base just under 12.5 knt. miles. Here you can choose to anchor over night and sail back the next day to our pirate anchorage.

Option three: For the pirates looking at getting some deep water under they'er keel, the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico is right around the corner from our base anchorage. You can run out for a great day sail to get some deep water experience and to sail the entrance to the bay that many pirates before you has sailed! Can you live up to the challange? (CAUTION: WEATHER MUST BE OBSERVED AND RESPECTED WITH THIS OPTION)

Option four: Ok I saved the best for the bravest of all Pirates at our Anchorage. There is a well know Pirate hold out west of our Anchorage about 12.5 knt. miles protected by shoals and vodoo. Its where the wild and reckless pirates of all types hangout and hide from the local authorities. Hell, even it's name sends chills down most pirates spins. PIRATES COVE!

Here, the Cheese burgers are to die for and be careful with the mighty Bushwacker, it's been known to take out some of the most well known pirates!


Provisioning: There is a store about 1.2 knt. miles. north/northwest of our Anchorage with fuel/ice/beer. (IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU WILL NEED FOOD FOR 3 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS. SAILBOAT COVE HAS NO ROADS/BUILDINGS/STORES.)

Designed by the crew of Teliki